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Podium Klassiek Eindhoven voor intieme muziekbeleving

Podium Klassiek voor intieme muziekbeleving

Prikkelend nabij!

Podium Klassiek Eindhoven is a small but nice stage for chamber music in the center of Eindhoven, which offers space to musicians who dare to color outside the lines. The accessible and always dynamic concerts take place in De Kazerne on Paradijslaan, a place where music and design meet.

What makes Podium Klassiek Eindhoven special?

  • You're right next to the musicians. You can almost touch them, hear them breathe and see them work. The musicians like to chat with the audience and like to sell their signed CDs.
  • At Podium Klassiek you listen to excellent, often somewhat younger musicians. Talent on its way to the top, which is still affordable.
  • The concerts last about an hour. You don't immediately lose your whole afternoon, there is still time for something else. Or for a chat while enjoying a snack and a drink in De Kazerne.
  • We hebben ook een bruncharrangement. Voor 30 euro geniet u van een veelgeprezen Kazernemaaltijd én een topconcert. Brunchen kan tussen 12 u en 13.45 u.
  • The location is easily accessible for people who have difficulty walking or are dependent on a wheelchair or walker.
  • A ticket is only €15,-. A strip card is nog voordeliger, daarbij geldt: zes halen, vijf betalen. uu